Hand built Ceramic Forms

Andrew produced a number of challenging large scale ceramic forms. The initial forms were hand-built in a garden studio, and fired unglazed in a hand-built kiln made from ceramic fibre, in the same garden in which they were built. These early forms ranged from organic and pod like to figuratively abstract. Some utilised oxides for coloration but they were all once fired, so did not have a secondary glaze firing.

Andrew went on to establish a communal studio space called ‘Studio 16’, where he raised funding for a large electric kiln. Equipped with this large kiln, and glazing capabilities, Andrew continued to produce further works, which were similarly abstract figurative and sculptural.

During the two periods, Andrew achieved various successes. With no previous experience of sculpture, Andrew began exhibiting and selling in some of the best sculpture venues in the UK. He won prizes, sold works, and gained accolades at various sculpture events, including first prize for his installation at the Rococo Gardens, and providing sculptures for the Award winning Brand Alley garden at the Chelsea Flower Show.

All of these works are no sold but they are all strongly influential in Andrews current artistic directions.