Welcome to my website.

Working with clay 40 years ago changed my life. I left school with very few formal qualifications, but was lucky to be taken under the wing of a very talented potter, who trained me to such a high standard that I was able to teach in further education. In my first year of teaching, all of my O level students obtained A grades, and my A level students past in one year.

I went on to study Industrial Design (Eng) at degree level at Birmingham City University, which broadened my knowledge of materials and making, and defined my career path as a designer maker for the next 30 years. Even as a designer, clay featured strongly in my designs, with some of my ceramic lighting being specified by top interior designers in prestigious interiors throughout the world.

While much of my design work was becoming computer based, my love of physically making objects remained strong. I returned to education, studying an MA in Ceramics and Glass at Wolverhampton and later had some post MA experience at Coventry University. Throughout my career I have had various educational roles in each of the Universities, from Technical Demonstrator to Fine Art students at Coventry, to Senior Lecturer in Crafts and Product Design at Wolverhampton and BCU.

The last 5 years of my career have probably been the most exciting. I have helped major artists achieve some of the most wonderful sculpture I have ever seen. While I continue to work with and for other artists in my current employment, I am also able to find time to bring together all of these experiences into small collections of my own work. My current works can be seen at the lovely Form Gallery in Nailsworth.

Form Gallery

4 Market St, Nailsworth, Stroud GL6 0BX