Andrew Russell Flint has been designing, creating and making for over 30 years. His career has spanned Product Design, Graphic Design, Industrial Design, Art, Ceramics and Sculpture. He has taught, lectured and demonstrated, practical and digital techniques, at several Universities and Colleges.

Andrews creative output has been quietly successful. His product designs have been specified in some of the most prestigious interiors world wide, and his sculptural work has been exhibited in some of the best Galleries and Sculpture Gardens in England.


Andy Flint 2

Andrew began exploring sculpture in his childhood and recalls modelling Henry Moore figures as early as 8 years old. In his late teens he studied Studio Ceramics, producing both functional and sculptural work in a variety of hand building processes, and his confidence with the clay lead to him gaining a teaching role despite not having a degree education.

In his early 20’s he began a BA in Ceramics at Birmingham University but in his first year he felt that he was not learning enough so transferred to a degree in Industrial Design. This change was critical in shaping his career because it broadened his knowledge of materials and introduced him to computers at a time when they were only just beginning to be used for 3dimensional design. Andrew was repeatedly invited to return to Birmingham University as a visiting lecturer, teaching students from a variety of different courses, from Fine Art to interior Design.

After many years as a successful designer Andrew again returned to education. This time in his late 30’s to complete a Masters in Ceramics and Glass. Again he was invited back to teach, this time as a Senior Lecturer on the Wood Metals and Plastics Degree Course at Wolverhampton. In his late 40’s he undertook a number of other training courses in Wood Carving, Bronze Casting and Ceramic Shell Casting, and took on a technical role at Coventry University helping Fine Art students to use the foundry, ceramics and casting facilities.

Throughout all of this time and the following years, Andrew has repeatedly attended life drawing sessions. His interest in the human form can be clearly seen in the coil forms that he produced in his late 40’s and early 50’s, where he sculpted human scale forms from clay at a scale that would challenge even the most talented of potters.

More recently Andrew has begun combining his knowledge of digital and practical processes to achieve a new body of work that is purely figurative. While his main concern is to capture and convey the beautiful qualities in the human form that he has observed for years as a life drawer, the pieces he is now producing invite a dialogue about the human condition itself. Our strengths, loves, desires and our frailty.

While Andrew still earns a living designing, and helping other artists to bring their works to fruition, he is gradually developing what will be an extensive collection of work produced in a variety of different media.


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