Sketch Model

This is just a sketch model at the moment, rendered larger than life. I might attempt a life size version in clay next. I think it needs hand made surfaces and edges to keep the human qualities. Also the physical joining of the parts will add to the composition.



Joint Exhibition with Jane

Jane and I exhibited together at the Pink Cabbage for the first time, and invited Laurie (Jane’s brother) to be the guest artist. Here are some photos for anyone who missed it.


More Experiments


More Experiments in 2D

Experiment 1Experiment 2Experiment 4Experiment 3

Abstract Forms

Renderings of three dimensional forms that I am exploring through computer modelling and 3D printing.

shell render.346

shell render.347

shell render.348

shell render.349

shell render.350

shell render.351

shell render.352

shell render.353

shell render.354

shell render.355

shell render.356

shell render.357

shell render.358

shell render.359

shell render.360

shell render.361

shell render.362

shell render.363

shell render.364

shell render.365



An exploratory project using a contortionist as a model. It went through various iterations in digital form. I attempted a life sized caged figure but I felt the cage dominated the figure and so just exhibited the life size figure. I may revisit the subject but tackle it in a slightly different way.

pose 20 view 3pose 20 view 2pose 20 view 1pose 19 view 6pose 19 view 5pose 19 view 4pose 19 view 3pose 19 view 2pose 19 view 1untitled-954renders-of-sculptures-973renders-of-sculptures-972renders-of-sculptures-971untitled-58965cd92960c2ea51aa686278e14d63997

Figurative Sculpting

These figures were digitally modelled without any scanning, but they did use posable digital mannequins. This approach sounds easy but is actually quite complicated. It lacks the finesse of actual life observations but was an interesting way to work. probably most suited to creating armatures for more detailed modelling.