An exploratory project using a contortionist as a model. It went through various iterations in digital form. I attempted a life sized caged figure but I felt the cage dominated the figure and so just exhibited the life size figure. I may revisit the subject but tackle it in a slightly different way.

Figurative Sculpting

These figures were digitally modelled without any scanning, but they did use posable digital mannequins. This approach sounds easy but is actually quite complicated. It lacks the finesse of actual life observations but was an interesting way to work. probably most suited to creating armatures for more detailed modelling.

Raku Bowls

This is a very old project now so it is effectively a repost. I threw about 60 or 70 bowls with the aim of selecting 50 to exhibit. The idea was too throw the form turn the foot and apply the glaze without any preconceptions. The choice of subject and manner of undertaking were inspired …