Headwear experiments

The images here show a number of different attempts at modelling a headdress on Carla’s head, some more successful than others. I have gathered them all together because the individual results are not good enough to post alone. I was really searching for the right working method, but I haven’t really found it yet.  While concentrating on the headwear I have not really been concerned with which pose I am using as the figure would be added once the headwear is complete.

view 3view 2view 1Carla Sketch 5-1Carla Sketch 4Carla Sketch 3Carla Sketch 2Carla Sketch 1Carla ihCarla 23Carla 21Carla 20Carla 19Carla 18Carla 17Carla 16Carla 14Carla 13carla 12Carla 11Carla 10Carla 9Carla 8Carla 5Carla 4Carla 2cCarla 2Carla 1mCarla 1kCarla 1jCarla 1iCarla 1hCarla 1gCarla 1fCarla 1eCarla 1dCarla 1